About Our Project

“Journalism in Spain” is the title of our Dialogue of Civilization program for 2014. The project, which takes place in Salamanca and Madrid, is an extension of the School of Journalism at Northeastern University and intended to expose students to the rigors, triumphs and defeats of international journalism. As with other Dialogues we have engaged in, most of the students have little or no language proficiency or previous experience in the cities we’re covering. They will have to find stories to pitch, people to interview and then execute professional-quality pieces worthy of our online magazine. Over the course of the five weeks we’re here between May 5 and June 10, they’ll have articles on politics, religion, social justice, business, arts, youth culture and sports. There will also be photos, video and audio clips to illustrate their work. These pieces will show the skill and determination of the people here. The project will also push the students to work collaboratively with each other and their instructor, which is one of the great joys of functioning as part of an international press corps. Among us are 16 journalists – 14 undergraduates and two graduate students. They are here to show themselves, each other and their many readers what they can do. Stay tuned to witness what they are capable of.

Departure May 5

Front row, left to right: MacKenzie Nichols, Shandana Mufti, Caroline Edwards, Emily Pollak, Nicole Esan, Jessica Mendoza and Kelsey Luing. Back row, left to right: Carly Metz, Ian Debevoise, Julia Moss, Amanda Hoover, Olivia Sears, Danny Mortimer, Bryan King, Maria Amasanti, Dylan Lewis and Carlene Hempel. Not pictured is Gina-Maria Garcia.

  1. Gladys McKie

    Looking forward to a lot of great stories. Have fun!

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