A Video Viewpoint

Here are some of the sights and sounds of Salamanca and Madrid to give our readers a more comprehensive sense of our experience abroad. Some of these clips are related to our reporters’ fieldwork. Others are just snippets we felt were worth sharing.


Our tour guide Maria singing a Sephardic song in Judeo-Spanish. Filmed in the Corpus Christi church in Segovia, Spain. Video taken by Danny Mortimer


A brief clip of an a capella group singing “Don’t Worry be Happy” in the Plaza Major in Salamanca. Video taken by Olivia Sears


WARNING: GRAPHIC – A longer clip of the final stage of a bull fight, when the matador stands yards away from the bull and prepares for the “estocada” – the final blow to the bull – landing between the shoulder blades and piercing the animal’s heart. Video taken by Dylan Lewis


A short video of a bachelorette procession through the Plaza Mayor of Segovia. The women ended up making a circle for dancing and singing in the corner of the plaza. Video taken by Ian Debevoise


Colectivo Estudantial Alternativo student protest related to rising tuition in Salamanca, Spain. Video taken by Julia Moss


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