Bullfighting is a staple of Spanish culture. Proponents romanticize the grace, elegance and pageantry of the performance, and its historical roots.

But it isn’t universally loved. A growing portion of Spain’s population is against the tradition, seeing it as barbaric and inhumane.

In this package, we survey the issues surrounding bullfighting in Spain and profile some of the individuals invested in this controversial aspect of Spanish society.


Our main story is available here:

Detractors target Spain’s first sport with hopes to get it banned – by Shandana Mufti


Photo gallery:

The stages of a bullfight – a photoessay by Maria Amasanti


Additional pieces include:

A young matador perfects the art of bull slaying – by Mackenzie Nichols

Dressing to kill: The history and art of the bullfighter’s “suit of lights” – by Gina-Maria Garcia



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