The Economy

Six years after the initial housing bubble burst that quickly led Spain into a recession, economic troubles are still deeply engrained in all aspects of Spanish business and culture. Rates of unemployment in the country are high and rising, with the country’s youngest workers the hardest hit. The last few years have challenged Spanish lawmakers and citizens, forcing them to reconsider issues ranging from immigration policy to the continuation of their afternoon siesta.

But it hasn’t been a lost five years for the country. Some sectors, such as the wine industry, have enjoyed growth and success internationally. Also, foreigners, capitalizing on low property values and inexpensive financing have helped spark the housing recovery.

Click through the articles below to get a broad and in-depth look at various aspects of the Spanish economy.

Facing grim employment prospects, Spanish students seek jobs abroad – by Amanda Hoover

Infographic: the Spanish economy at a glance – by Julia Moss

In a move to increase efficiency, Spain reconsiders siestas, time zone – by Kelsey Liung

Immigrants to Spain are taking jobs, but also driving the economy – by Caroline Edwards

Renewable energy subsidy cuts rattle Spain’s wind energy businesses – By Ian Debevoise

Social spending cuts leave country’s most vulnerable fearing for food and shelter – by Kelsey Luing

Spanish wine thrives in global market – by Emily Pollak



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